by Sophia

Hi, my name is Zoe; I have special powers and go to a camp to learn about my powers and how to use them. You are probably wondering what my powers are, well, they are reading minds; I can tell what people are thinking just by looking at them. You might be thinking this is awesome but; my powers are a gift and a curse. The gift is obvious but, the curse, it is a curse because you know what everyone is thinking even when you believe they are your friend, having this gift can be hurtful. Anyways, my friend Chris has been at this camp for almost his entire life. I arrived at this camp about two years ago; I am pretty filled in on all the details going on here. I know who everyone is and where everything is. There is a new boy named Maximus. The word is Maximus is as strong as one hundred men, has the eye of an eagle and can fight one hundred dragons at a time. I am not sure if that is true but it sure does look like it.

Back to Chris, he has powers also, actually everyone who comes to this camp does. Chris’s powers are, well he is a genius, he can figure out answers to riddles, puzzles and questions. He is one of the smartest people I know. Lately though, the camp has not been the same, we have been hearing weird noises; we think there are goblins here. Even if Chris and me are right though, the camp would never allow us to go after them, goblins are too dangerous. Goblins are stealing children; they are coming in the middle of the night, we don’t know why though? Chris and I want to go and defeat the goblins but together we are not strong enough, we are going to ask Maximus to join us, we believe he will say no but we are going to try anyway.

We knock on Maximus’ door. “Hello, is anyone home?” The door opens, “Hello” says Maximus excitedly. “I never get visitors.” “We were wondering if you could help us?” I say. A couple of minutes later, the three of us were on the road. I tell them how my mom gave me this magic map, it shows us where we need to go. “What are all those detours?” Maximus asks me. “Those are portals, we need to each go through a different one because these portals will make us stronger. The fourth portal will get us to the magic woods.” “Wait” Chris says. “How did your mom know we are going to go on this quest?” I tell them, she gave me this map when I was little, almost like she knew I was going to go on a quest. I don’t think she knows we are going on this quest though.

We don’t speak for the rest of the card ride, after two hours of driving we get to the first portal; it is an opening to a cave. “Who goes through?” I ask. Chris offers to go through first. “What do I do?” He asks. I explain that Chris will go through the portal and when he goes through he will need to find a special rock; you will know it when you see it. Once you find the rock, keep walking down the tunnel, once it splits off, stop. Give us a little time and you will see us; okay? We all agree and proceed to the portal. Maximus and I go to the next portal, it is four hours away. This portal is a hallowed out tree. Maximus follows the same instructions as Chris, I take off to the next portal; it is in a park under a rock. I go down and find the special rock immediately and start down the tunnel. I find Maximus and Chris waiting for me at the end. “Ready to go?” I say. “Yup!” Chris and Maximus say at the same time. We take a left and find the last portal that takes us to the magic woods; we had to walk a lot but, we are finally there. As we are walking there is a large boom and just like that we are in the magic woods! We start walking, we still can’t believe we made it this far! We hear creepy noises. We are back to back now and walking slowly, we see a sign. (DON”T WOORY COME IN!!!) The sign is even spelt wrong, like really?! The three of us start to walk through the gates, as we walk we feel a vibration. “That is creepy!” Maximus says. When we walk in we see my mom. Chris asks “Why is your mom here, surrounded by goblins that don’t want to eat her, not to mention the stolen children are dancing?”

I walk up to my mom, “What are you doing here?” “Well, these goblins are not bad, they are good. I am an elder to them, like their leader, they look up to me. I told the goblins to bring the children here, I knew that you would come and try to rescue them. I knew you would never believe me if I told you so I wanted you to see for yourself. The goblins have so much good to offer and you are part goblin too. The children here are safe. You need to know there is goblin blood in me and you.” My mom says. All this time we have been led to believe the goblins were evil and dangerous, we were not allowed to leave the camp and had to follow specific rules due to the danger they can cause, did the camp lie? We return the children back to the camp and try to convince the leaders of our camp that goblins are good. We explain to the camp leaders all the details we learned. Once the leaders found out that they had no clue they seemed to understand we were not really in danger from the goblins. While I am in the middle of explaining to the camp leaders a goblin runs up to me and says, “It is the other ones that aren’t good, you will all be in danger soon.” I am dumbfounded at what the little goblin tells me. “Oh goodness do not worry they’re on the other side of the world, you will hopefully have enough time to prepare, we will help you, at least I think or maybe not they may be dangerous.” And the goblin runs away. “Really again Wait!” I say annoyed and run after him.